knil_85.jpeg Fishing trip near Medan airbaseThumbnailsCrew in MedanFishing trip near Medan airbaseThumbnailsCrew in Medan
Medan municipal swimming pool

Top row L to R: Native KNIL unknown, KNIL Swaab, KNIL Durant (from
Djokjakarta, prankster, transferred to 18th squadron (bombers), he died on flight from Djokjakarta to Batavia to Palambang, crashed on the way back (turbulence, dingy accidently inflated and went out of the plane), close to Palambang in morass area),
Dutch KNIL Sgt Guit

Bottom row (L to R): KNIL Berhitoe? (very shy), KL unknown, KL unknown, KNIL Sgt Daniels, KNIL Bastiaans ?, Servaas Gerardu, last 3 KL unknown