54medan_lockheed_electra.jpeg ThumbnailsP-51 in front of hangar Medan 1947ThumbnailsP-51 in front of hangar Medan 1947ThumbnailsP-51 in front of hangar Medan 1947ThumbnailsP-51 in front of hangar Medan 1947
Front L: J. Vleugels. Middle standing CW Bastiaans (3de from left) Direktly behind him (bare body) CW Wolf. The photo of the group of men with the Lockheed Elektra was taken in Medan, at Polonia airport, probably around February '47.

It will be between November 46 and October 47, given the old registration of the aircraft and the fact that Wolf CW left Medan in October 47.

There were 2 Lockheeds Electra active on 11VB Polonia. A so-called L-12 (Electra Junior, traffic version, actually a 2-engine training aircraft) and a L-212, the military version of the L-12.

The L-212 was specially mounted for the NL Air Force on top of a plexiglass turret just behind the wing and it was armed.
The L-12, with registration L2-102 (and later T-302) belonged to 122 sqn and was used as a transport aircraft. According to some sources, this aircraft was with the squadron until the end of January 47 and other sources until the end of 47 and then moved to Andir / KaliDjati.

Registration of this aircraft is not visible, but I strongly suspect that this is the L-12, because no gun turret is visible above the door by the L-212 and should have been visible here. The whip antenna on the cockpit also indicates an L-12, the L-212 did not have it.

There was also an L-212 on 11VB, registration L-205. This military type belonged to LuCoSu, the Sumatra Aviation Command, the umbrella body above all squadrons based on Sumatra. It was used as a staff plane.