17 June 2020

In the past few years I collected known names and relevant information in an OpenOffice spreadsheet. With help of others of course. Using a pivot-table, the database is filtered and exported into a .csv "comma-separated values", or in its common name: 'comma delimited' [1] file. I’ve used datawrapper [2] to make an online searchable table from this data.

The resulting table contains 246 names, rank role, tasks, remarks and units of crew who served for the 'Luchtvaart Commando Sumatra' (LuCoSu) between augustus 1945 and june 1950 for units 122(NEI)Squadron, 17 Squadron VARWA, 7CieVT, 120sqn, 121sqn 11VB Polonia and 13VB Padang.

It’s not finished. Maybe you can help?