22 October 2020

First version: 2020-06-04

Update: add Benjamins, Berhitoe, van Dalen, van Galen, Langelo, Receveur, de la Rosière, Scholten, Verspoor.
Corrected Wolf C.W., Wolf (tower operator)

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An important research goal into 122(NEI)Squadron is finding names and photos of the squadrons’s crew. The general history of this Dutch P-51 Mustang fighter squadron is hard to find. Compiling a list of names of it’s crew is a challenge.

122(NEI)Squadron is estimated to have had 150 crew servicing 17 P-51 Mustang. 17 VARWA (C-Patrol), a reconnaissance and artillery observation unit equipped with Piper Cups [1] [2], had 50-70 crew on Sumatra. Both units where based on airbase 11VB Polonia Medan.

Thanks to pictures and information of several people [3], we are now starting to put names on faces. Faces who would probably have been forgotten. Generally speaking the Dutch don’t like to be remembered about their wars. It also seems difficult for the Dutch State to acknowledge that they extended WOII with 8 years [4] [5].

248 names of 'Luchtvaart Commando Sumatra' (LuCoSu) served between 1945 - 1950 for 122(NEI)Squadron, 17 Squadron VARWA, 7CieVT, 120sqn, 121sqn, 11VB Polonia and 13VB Padang have been found sofar [6].

48 of them now have a face and a name [3]. And I’m very happy to present them to you [7].

b25 n5 261 guit en allarts Allards S. mechanic 122sqn photos

P51 bastiaans Asjes H.C. pilot 122sqn photos

KNIL 99 Ave - - 122sqn photos

20200525144625 5cac6424 Bastiaans C.W. mechanic 2-VLG-IV,NEI-PEP,121sqn,122sqn photos

p51 122sqn crash van daalen 19470530 03 Benjamins P.A.C. Pilot commander 122sqn (rank captain) 122sqn,LuCoSu photo’s

KNIL 62 Becker - mechanic 122sqn photos photo’s

jan berhitoe xs Berhitoe J. mechanic 122sqn photo’s

KNIL 20 th Bruin, de - - 121sqn photos

GerarduServaas P51Mustang 1947 Copi /Kopi - armory 121sqn,122sqn photos

vdaalen guit allards47 Daalen, van L.C. pilot / observer flew first P51 to Medan; Crashed H-339 122sqn photo’s

Schermafbeelding 2018 11 15 Dam J.H. mechanic 122sqn photos

KNIL 85 Daniels - - 122sqn photos

KNIL 39 Deibel A.G. pilot 2-VLG-V,122sqn photos

KNIL 85 Durand G.E. mechanic 18sqn,121sqn photos

KNIL 92 Gagliardi - - 122sqn photos

20200611233401 7945626e me Galen, van J.B.J Vlieger Crashed jan 21 1949 17 VARWA C photos

KNIL 30 Gerardu S. mechanic 121sqn,122sqn photos

KNIL 39 Goosens F.J.P. pilot / observer 122sqn photos

KNIL 17 Gouldman - - 122sqn photos

.120 Guit B. mechanic 122sqn,120sqn photos

KNIL 39\ Haye H.L. pilot / observer 121sqn,122sqn photos

KNIL 99 Heemstede-Obelt, van J.H. mechanic 17 VARWA C photos

KNIL 99 Jong, de D. Intelligence officer 122sqn, 11VB photos

KNIL 20 Kalden B. - 121sqn photos

KNIL 28 Kerkhoff M. - 17 VARWA C photos

KNIL 98 Krab E. armory 122sqn photos

KNIL 99 Langelo - supply 122sqn photos

KNIL 81 face01 Lenkering - - 122sqn photo’s

KNIL 103 Lokollo L.N. mechanic 17 VARWA C photos

KNIL 1 Metselaar - mechanic 122sqn photos

KNIL 99 Nieuwhuis - - 122sqn photos

knil 94 onkonken Onkonken - - 122sqn photo’s

Schermafbeelding 2018 11 15 Prins B. mechanic 120sqn,122sqn photos

Asjes and lt receveur medan 201048 Receveur H. pilot / observer 122sqn photo’s

KNIL 10 Rhoon, van M. mechanic 122sqn photo’s

KNIL 4 th Roode, de E. mechanic 122sqn photos

rosiere Rosière, de la C.H. - 17 VARWA C photo’s

KNIL 39 Samson E.E. - 122sqn photos

20200603225524 943edb72 Saya - mechanic 122sqn photos

KNIL 54 Scholten P. commander Z-Brigade photos

KNIL 77 Sliedrecht - mechanic 122sqn photos

KNIL 10 Stemerdink - mechanic 122sqn photos

KNIL 2 Stumpff F. (maybe) - pilot /Commander 120sqn photos

KNIL 10 Swaab - mechanic 122sqn photos

KNIL 22 Trier, van - - 122sqn photos

verspoor knil 54 Verspoor P. pilot 122sqn photos

Medan Lockheed Electra Vleugels - flight engineer 2-VLG-IV,NEI-PEP,120sqn photos

KNIL 4 th Wilde, de - - 122sqn photos

Medan Lockheed Electra Wolf C.W. (flight)mechanic 122sqn photos

KNIL 75 Wolf Toweroperator photo’s





Appx A: Behind the scenes

In the past few years I collected known names and relevant information in an OpenOffice [8] spreadsheet. An ongoing proces.

names data

The database is filtered (using pivot). URL’s to the portraits[7] and photo page are transformed into a format Asciidoc can use.

I use Piwigo[9] as my photoalbum.

names pivot

And exported into a .csv:

image:https://www.roelbazuin.nl/photos/galleries/122sqn_portrets/Allards/b25_n5-261_guit_en_allarts.jpg[,150] Allards, mechanic, 122sqn, https://www.roelbazuin.nl/photos/index.php?/tags/13-allards[photos^]
image:https://www.roelbazuin.nl/photos/galleries/122sqn_portrets/Asjes/P51_bastiaans.jpg[,150] Asjes, pilot, 122sqn, https://www.roelbazuin.nl/photos/index.php?/tags/10-asjes[photos^]

The resulting .csv file is used in this document like so:.


After rendering with Jbake, the .csv transforms into a 6 column table with portraits and names.