10 June 2021

Operational management of the squadrons and airports stationed on Sumatra was done by LuCoSu 'Airforce Command Sumatra'. Commanders: major Hans Maurenbrecher (46-49), followed by major P.E.J. Janssens.

Figure 1. Sumatra

LuCoSu included the squadrons:

  • 18 Squadron. B-25 (Medan, Palembang)

  • 16 Squadron. B-25 bombers and strafers (Palembang), based on personell of 18sqn

  • 122 Squadron; 16 P-51 Mustang / 2 Lockheed L-12 (the L2-102 and the L2-105 from LuCoSu) / AT-16 Harvard trainer B-422 (Medan)

  • 17 Squadron VARWA; Piper L4J Cubs - A patrol = Palembang / B patrol = Padang / C patrol = Medan

All squadrons operated under the direct command of the army (via LuCoSu). This command structure was later modified.

With help of others [1] i’ve collected known names and relevant information and imported the data into Datawrapper [2] to make a searchable table from this file.

The resulting table contains 249 names, rank role, tasks, remarks and units of crew who served for the 'Luchtvaart Commando Sumatra' (LuCoSu) between augustus 1945 and june 1950 for units 122(NEI)Squadron, 17 Squadron VARWA, 7CieVT, 120sqn, 121sqn 11VB Polonia and 13VB Padang.

Any comments, help with adding names to the list or provide pictures or portraits is much appreciated.

1. Most notably P. Wolf and C. Gerardu-Low