21 June 2019

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Japanese rock bands. "Who knew #Japan would bring us the rebirth of #rock? "

I listened to 'Buck Tick' almost all week. Their 'Melancholia' and 'Flower of evil' are my favorites.

You can’t live without 'Aldious'. There has been a chage in front singers recently. I picked a few songs from Re:NO and RAMI. The previous 2 front women.

Music is important. What i like varies. Per day. Week. Hour. Some last a lifetime.
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Patriarchs of visual kei (1984), Buck-Tick may not get as much international recognition as their counterparts X-Japan do. A versatile band, Buck-Tick moved from optimistic pop-punk and new wave to goth music and hard rock, dabbled in electronica, and returned to rock again.


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Aldious Lyrics


Aldious (Japanese: アルディアス Hepburn: Arudiasu) is a Japanese all-female power metal band from Osaka, formed in 2008 by guitarist Yoshi and vocalist Rami.

Current members
Yoshi – guitars (2008–present)
Toki (トキ) – guitars (2009–present)
Sawa (サワ) – bass (2008, 2010–present)
Marina – drums (2015–present)

Former members

Hime Ruki (髏姫-RUKI-, lit. Princess Ruki) – guitars (2008)
Kaze (風-Kaze-) – bass (2009)
Rami – vocals (2008–2012)
Aruto – drums (2010–2014)
Re:NO – vocals (2012–2018) She was diagnosed with an ear condition called Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Live support musicians

R!N – vocals (2019–present)
Saki – vocals (2019–present)
Narumi – guitars (2019–present)

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KAMI - pure metal voice, pure aldious old formation


aldious Re:NO


Much of my contemporary music i get from youtube. I watch it daily on a raspberry pi with Libreelec in the livingroom. Some of my happy-channels:

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