13 August 2019

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THIS WEEK: Show-Ya, a crowd of rebellion, PassCode

"Who knew all female bands from #Japan would bring us the rebirth of #rock?"

Music is important. Some sounds last a lifetime.
13 augustus 2019
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Show-Ya is an all-female heavy metal/hard rock band from Japan, founded in 1981. The group disbanded in 1998, but reformed with the original line-up in 2005 for the 20th anniversary of their first release.

The music of Show-Ya is deeply rooted in classic rock and they have covered songs from The Beatles, The Doors, The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and AC/DC in their albums and live shows. Their music evolved from the pop rock of their first offerings to the heavy metal of their most successful albums, Outerlimits and Hard Way.

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Formed a crowd of rebellion in spring 2007 in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.

a dramatic live performance that confronts the audience, with a lyric that is delivered from a contrasting twin vocal, a musical arrangement that exhibits unusual development, and a unique world that is unique, and an ecstatic and emotional performance.

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PassCode is a Japanese idol group (Singers: Minami Nao, Takashima Kaede, Imada Yuna, Ogami Hinako) formed in 2014 in Osaka. The concept of the group is mix of the loud rock and idol genre.Their sound is mix of loud rock, progressive rock, based original band sound.

Their live is described as a roller coaster because of non-stop performance.
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