26 July 2019

I listen to these podcast regularly. It’s one of my sources for new and interesting subjects.

  1. Advance Tech Podcast [Website] [Feed]
    The Advance Tech Podcast provides a spotlight for innovative and disruptive initiatives and features guests building the technology of tomorrow.

  2. Andreessen Horowitz [Website] [Feed]
    We aim to connect entrepreneurs, investors, executives, engineers, academics, industry experts, and others in the technology ecosystem.

  3. Crazy/Genius [Website] [Feed]
    Big questions about technology, science, and culture

  4. De dynamiek van het jongerenwerk [Website] [Feed]
    Interviews met professionals over het mooie vak van jongerenwerk

  5. Science Magazine Podcast [Website] [Feed]
    American Association for the Advancement of Science

  6. STEAL THIS SHOW [Website] Feed]
    We wanted a way to discuss the kind of news covered on TorrentFreak with some thought-leaders, innovators and friends.

  7. → The Fully Charged Show Podcast [Website] [Feed]
    Fully Charged exists therefore to educate, encourage and explain to its viewers that a very high percentage of the energy that the global population demands can and should, come from ‘clean’ sources, like solar, wind and energy storage.

  8. The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network [Website] [Feed]
    The LTB Network is a publishing platform created for content providers to present the ideas and people involved with cryptocurrency

  9. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe [Website] [Feed]

  10. This Week in Tech (MP3) [Website] [Feed]
    The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe is dedicated to promoting critical thinking and science literacy through insightful content and resources including an award-winning weekly podcast.

  11. Troy Hunt’s Weekly Update Podcast [Website] [Feed]
    I’m a Pluralsight author of many top-rating courses on web security and other technologies