23 May 2019

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The definitive version, the P-51D, was powered by the Packard V-1650-7, a license-built version of the Rolls-Royce Merlin 66 two-stage two-speed supercharged engine (it sound’s like this.. or try 14 P-51 Mustangs Simultaneous Engine Run and Takeoffs) and was armed with six .50 caliber (12.7 mm) M2/AN Browning machine guns. [1] The wing racks fitted to the P-51D/P-51K series were strengthened and were able to carry up to 1,000 lb (450 kg) of ordnance, although 500 lb (230 kg) bombs were the recommended maximum load.

The P-51D became the most widely produced variant of the Mustang. [2]

ML KNIL Mustangs
ML KNIL Mustangs on Bundaberg (Ward)

40 P51Ds were transported by ship to Australia and assembled at NEI PEP ('Personel and Equipment Pool' in Bundaberg Australia.[3] [4] They were operated by 121 (Tjililitan, Batavia) and 122 Squadrons (Polonia, Medan)[5] of the KNIL Army Air Corps (KNIL-ML).

When the war against Japan ended[6], the Dutch Mustangs were used in a futile attempt to suppress the Indonesian nationalists. When Indonesia became independent on December 27, 1949, its air arm (the Angkatan Udara Republic Indonesia, or AURI) was slated to receive two squadrons of F-51D Mustangs from the departing Dutch.

In June of 1950, the Netherlands East Indies Air Force was officially disbanded and the surviving Mustangs were transferred to the Indonesian Air Force. Indonesian Mustangs participated in several internal conflicts and remained in service with the IAF until replaced by Russian fighters in 1959. [7]

P-51 - Tjitilitan

121 Sqn. Tjililitan (Batavia)

121 Squadron was established at Tjililitan airport on 1 May 1946. The squadron took care of the relocation of personnel and equipment to Medan in October 1946 and it also handed over part of its ground staff and pilots to 122 Squadron.

P-51D met crew Tjililitan 1946


[1/5] Boy-Durand (ontbloot bovenlijf) - P-51 + Sjaak Allards (Staand, 4de van links)

P-51D Tjililitan 1946


[2/5] p51d_121sqn_tjililitan_1946_01

P-51D Tjililitan 1946


[3/5] p51d_121sqn_tjililitan_1946_02

P-51K Tjililitan december 1948


[4/5] p51k_122sqn_tjililitan_dec1948_1

P-51K Tjililitan december 1948


[5/5] p51k_122sqn_tjililitan_dec1948_2

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P-51 onderhoud Tjililitan

Grondpersoneel tapt op Tjililitan olie af van een North American P-51D/K Mustang van de ML-KNIL.

P-51 122(NEI)Sqn - Padang


[1/15] b25_crash_padang_1949_01


[2/15] b25_crash_padang_1949_02


[3/15] b25_crash_padang_1949_03


[4/15] b25_crash_padang_1949_04


[5/15] p51k_122sqn_padang_194907_01


[6/15] p51k_122sqn_padang_194907_02


[7/15] p51k_122sqn_padang_194907_03


[8/15] p51k_122sqn_padang_194907_04


[9/15] p51k_122sqn_padang_194907_05


[10/15] p51k_122sqn_padang_194907_06


[11/15] p51k_122sqn_padang_194907_07

TD 122 Sqn Padang juli 1949


[12/15] technische_dienst_padang_194907_01

C.W. Bastiaans (opa) rechts

TD 122 Sqn Padang juli 1949


[13/15] technische_dienst_padang_194907_02

C.W. Bastiaans standing second left

TD 122 Sqn Padang juli 1949


[14/15] technische_dienst_padang_194907_03

C.W. Bastiaans standing 3rd from right with crossed arms.

TD 122 Sqn Padang juli 1949


[15/15] technische_dienst_padang_194907_04

C.W. Bastiaans (opa) links, Rechts Tinus Guit

P-51 122(NEI)Sqn - Medan

122 Sqn was established in Tjililitan on 1 November 1946 as a ML-KNIL unit equipped with P-51 Mustang fighter-bombers.

It plays a small but not unimportant part in Dutch history in the former Netherlands East Indies. Based on Airbase 11VB Polonia - Medan, Sumatra.

Crash van Daalen 30 mei 1947


[1/39] p51_122sqn_crash_van_daalen_19470530_01

Crash van Daalen 30 mei 1947


[2/39] p51_122sqn_crash_van_daalen_19470530_02

Crash van Daalen 30 mei 1947


[3/39] p51_122sqn_crash_van_daalen_19470530_03


[4/39] p51_122sqn_crash_van_daalen_19470530_04

Figure 1. Mechanics Crew on a P-51 in Medan.

Top row (L to R): Unknown (armory), unknown (armory), Becker (mechanic), Unknown, C.W. Bastiaans (mechanic’s boss), Captain Asjes (pilot), Servaas Gerardu “Vaas”, Sliedrecht (mechanic) Bottom row (L to R): Unknown (armory), Sergeant Boobie Haye (best pilot) > source: "Vaas"

[5/39] P51_bastiaans

Crew bij een P51 in Medan.


[6/39] P51_bastiaans2

Opa rechtsonder
#6 - Top row (L to R): Servaas “Vaas” Gerardu (mechanic), Becker (mechanic), Unknown (armory), Unknown (armory) Bottom row (L to R): Unknown (armory), C.W. Bastiaans (mechanic’s boss).
> source: "Vaas"

P-51 in Medan startklaar


[7/39] P51_Bastiaans3


[8/39] P51


[9/39] p51_onderhoud


[10/39] P51_reparatie


[11/39] P51_start


[12/39] p51d_122sqd_medan46_n5-312


[13/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_01


[14/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_02


[15/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_03

Het vliegveld Medan met North American P-51D Mustang jachtvliegtuigen van de ML-KNIL- 1946 - beeldbank defensie


[16/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_04


[17/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_05


[18/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_06


[19/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_07


[20/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_08


[21/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_09

P-51D N5-312 in flight Medan 1946


[22/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_10

P-51D in flight Medan 1946


[23/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_11

P-51D on runway Medan 1946


[24/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_12


[25/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_13


[26/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_14


[27/39] p51d_122sqn_1946_15


[28/39] p51d_122sqn_1948_01


[29/39] p51d_122sqn_1948_02


[30/39] p51d_122sqn_1948_03


[31/39] p51d_122sqn_1948_04


[32/39] p51d_122sqn_1948_05

Laatste statieportret 122 squadron en 6 P51D’s - begin 1950


[33/39] p51k_122sqn_medan_statieportret_1950

Opa op de foto: 2e rij, als 11e van rechts.
3 Stoelen naar links (met zonnebril) zit P.A.C. (Piet / Flip) Benjamins, de commandant en vlieger.


[34/39] technische_dienst_122sqd_1950

CW Bastiaans (opa) staand links


[35/39] technische_dienst_122sqn_1947_01


[36/39] technische_dienst_122sqn_1947_02


[37/39] technische_dienst_122sqn_1948

Statieportret 122 squadron en 2 P51D’s - 1946 (Wolf)


[38/39] technische_dienst_122sqn_1948_statieportret

Opa zittend eerste links
Servaas Geradu: on top of right propellor


[39/39] technische_dienst_122sqn_1949

IMG 0887
Januari 1950 (G.M. Sijbers)

This picture is printed in the book: "De jachtvliegtuigen army Co-operation en lesvliegtuigen van de militaire vliegtuigen Knil-1945-1950" van P.C. Boer.

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P-51K mustang in formatie

Een formatie North American P-51K Mustang jachtvliegtuigen van het 122 Squadron van de Militaire Luchtvaart Koninklijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger (ML-KNIL), opgestegen vanaf vliegveld Polonia ten zuiden van Medan. - 1948

122 Sqn - Lockheed L12

Lockheed L12-A

54 Medan; 15 man voor een Lockheed Electra - fotograaf onbekend
15 man voor een Lockheed Electra (Wolf)

The photo of the group of men at the Lockheed Elektra was taken in Medan, at Polonia airport and probably around February '47.

CW Bastiaans (Grandpa) standing, 3rd from the left. Immediately behind him (bare torso) Wolf. Jack Vleugels Squatted Left. Middle bare torso possible or Den Hollander or F.M. van Beurden

There were 2 Lockheeds Electra active on 11VB Polonia.
An L-12 (Electra Junior, traffic execution, actually a 2-engine training aircraft) and an L-212, the military version of the L-12. The L-212 was mounted just above the wing just for the NL Air Force just above the plexiglass turret and it was armed. Furthermore, they were almost identical.

There was also an L-212 active on 11VB, with Serialno L-205. This military plane belonged to LuCoSu, Aviation Command Sumatra, the umbrella organization for all the squadrons based in Sumatra. It was used as a staff plane.

De L-12a, serial L2-39, registratie L2-102 (en later T-302) behoorde aan 122 sqn toe en werd als transporttoestel gebruikt. According to some sources, this plane was with the squadron until the end of January '47 and other sources say until the end of '47 and then moved to Andir / Kalidjati.

Lockheed 12 L2-38
Lockheed 12, L2-38

Lockheed 12, L2-38, photographed in 1985 at the Militaire Luchtvaart Museum at Soesterberg.

3. The Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force received 40 P-51Ds and flew them during the Indonesian National Revolution, particularly the two 'politionele acties': Operatie Product in 1947 and Operatie Kraai in 1949. When the conflict was over, Indonesia received some of the ML-KNIL Mustangs. [North American P-51 Mustang; Gunston 1990 p. 39.
4. The delivery was in March, April and June 1945 (10x P-51K and 31x P-51D respectively). Of these 41 aircraft, 40 reached the ML-KNIL in Australia; they had the license plates N3-600 through N3-640. * In Australia, the Mustangs were prepared at RAAF depots. The first 19 aircraft (N3-600 / 618) received in May and June 1945 - before the Japanese surrender on August 15 - were delivered to the Dutch Personnel and Equipment Pool in Brisbane. After the Japanese surrender everything went slower. The rest only came into Dutch possession between October 1945 and March 1946; a sign of the lesser urgency of the RAAF and of a changed attitude towards Dutch colonial ambitions.
5. The 122 Squadron was officially established on November 1, 1946 and added to lucosu. In the same decision, Captain A.G. Deibel appointed commander of the squadron. On 12 November 1946 he personally led the flight of the first twelve P-51s, under the guidance of a B-25, from Tjililitan to Medan, a distance of 1390 km. In the B-25, a team from the technical service was under the command of adjutant non-commissioned officer C.W. Bastian. - Source: page 181; The Military Aviation of the KNIL 1945-1950 by Otto Ward